Verizon FiOS iPad app now offers streaming content

iPad users can now enjoy streaming Verizon FiOS programming

Verizon FiOS customers with iPads will no longer have to fight over the remote thanks to a new update to the FiOS app.

Available today, the latest version of the FiOS Mobile app brings 75 streaming channels to the iPad, provided the user is connected to WiFi.

Similar to Verizon app released for the Xbox 360, the app will allow the user to view live content from channels like TVLand, TNT, and the Food Network.

iOS 6 support included too

The FiOS Mobile update also includes some better compatibility for iOS 6, though the notes fail to explain just what has been adjusted for iOS 6.

The virtual remote pairing has also been improved, and Verizon claims to have fixed a handful of bugs, though again, didn't explain what issues were addressed.

It's still not possible to watch DVR content through the app, nor can users enjoy local or premium channels through the app.

That said, the addition of these 75 channels should make it a lot easier for single television households to enjoy all of the content FiOS has to offer.

Via Engadget