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Samsung's bendable phone won't be out until at least 2019

Samsung's first foldable phone has been rumored for years, but one of the latest rumors, which suggested it would launch by the end of 2017, has now been debunked.

Last month a source said the phone would be ready for release by the end of 2017, but now a Samsung representative has confirmed the company won't sell a foldable phone before 2019.

Speaking at an industry seminar in Seoul, Kim Taewoong, Principal Engineer at Samsung Display, said: “Because the bezel-free display currently sells well, we still have enough time to develop foldable display. The technology is expected to be mature around 2019.”

Technical challenges

It doesn't come as a massive surprise that Samsung wants to make sure the tech is ready for prime time before installing it on a phone.

Taewoong told The Korea Herald the tech has some technical challenges that the company needs to fix before it's ready to be put on your new phone.

If 2019 is the year we'll see the phone, it may be ready for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 or even an entirely new phone line altogether.