Would you buy a Samsung Frame TV this big?

Samsung The Frame TV on tripod stand in gray living room
(Image credit: Samsung)

New Samsung TVs are getting some flashy new sizes, with Samsung The Frame and the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED set to get a variety of different sizing options for the larger (or smaller) home.

Samsung The Frame, the company’s art-minded lifestyle TV, has now launched in an 85-inch size – a huge step above the maximum 75-inch size that stylish shoppers had available until now. You’ll be stuck with wall-mounting or some counter feet at that size, though, as the tripod TV stand accessory is only available for sizes up to 65 inches – but it certainly expands the repertoire of sizes for Samsung’s design-first television.

That’s not all, though – the Samsung QN90A has been available for some months in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch models, but the Neo QLED screen will now be coming in additional 43-inch, 50-inch and 98-inch sizes.

Those smaller sizes will be a boon for those wanting a good Neo QLED screen in a more compact form factor (and, naturally, with a lower price tag), and likely make the screen’s somewhat compromised audio performance easier to swallow. We’re still sad that the QN95A isn’t available in the US, but some more flexibility in price and sizing for its step-down QN90A cousin is definitely a help.

That 98-inch QN90A, though, is a truly breathtaking size, on a par with the massive Micro LED TV models Samsung is starting to put out into the market. You’re still getting 4K resolution, though, so those looking for increased detail at that size should be looking at the best 8K TVs instead, given they tend to come in larger sizes as standard.

Samsung’s outdoor TV, The Terrace, is set to get a new 65-inch size for its ‘Full Sun’ iteration, which is designed for visible pictures even in direct sunlight.

Should TVs really be this big?

Of course, these larger size options will be inconsequential to most of us, given that a 98-inch or even 85-inch screen isn’t going to fit easily into the average flat-share.

For those with the space, and the cash, these super-sized screens will be smarter propositions, though it’s worth noting that there are alternatives to get a big picture in your home.

The best 4K projectors can easily scale up images to 100 inches and above – even 300 inches with certain models – and don’t take up nearly as much space when not in use. While good projectors tend to be a bit pricier for equivalent picture quality as mid-sized 4K TVs, they become much better value when compared to the largest TV screens out there, which can almost double in price when jumping from a 65-inch to a 75-inch size.

If you want a truly out-there screen, though, you may have to see if Samsung ever brings out the prototype smart display it teased at a recent expo...

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