Samsung teases a couple of futuristic foldable phone designs

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that Samsung is way ahead of the competition when it comes to foldable smartphones. After the initial hiccup with the first-generation Galaxy Fold smartphone, the company has come out good with both the Galaxy Fold 2 and Z flip smartphones.

Now the company has given us a sneak peek to a couple of innovative designs that we may see in the near future. While we come across a number of random patents but these sketches were shared on Samsung Display’s official website offering much-required credibility. To recall this is the same business unit that supplies smartphone displays to Samsung’s mobile division.

What we can see is a phone with a trifold display which otherwise might look like a Galaxy Fold 2, however, with an additional fold. This design not only offers a bigger primary display when unfolded but also does away with the need of a secondary external display.

This means that the device overall could be slightly thicker thanks to the three layers of display stacked on top of each other, it does offer a massive tablet-sized display that is not only ideal for multimedia consumption but can double up as a super compact yet powerful productive device on the go.

In another post on the blog, the company has posted an image of a phone with a rollable display. This futuristic device looks like roll-out tube and the display could spread like a large-sized tablet when required. 

Though it’s not very clear as to how practical this design could be since the retracted display may not have a hard base to type on unless Samsung has worked out a similar foldable hard surface to support the thin and flexible display.

Future of foldable display phones 

We have seen manufacturers like TCL, LG and very recently Oppo teasing their futuristic phones with retractable displays showcasing larger displays housed in a much smaller form factor.

Retractable display designs, unlike the foldable ones, could be considered slightly better since it allows the liberty of switching to a larger display on demand, however, manufacturers are still working out issues like moving parts and fragility of the thin display.

While these designs offer an interesting perspective of what the manufacturers are thinking of, it is clear that the smartphones in the future will not be a one-trick pony. That said, these teasers do not guarantee such phones becoming reality anytime soon, however, we really like what smartphone makers have in their mind.

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