Samsung, Sony, Moto and more phones set to issue Android 10 update by end of year

Android 10
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A few phones can now get the Android 10 update, the newest of Google's operating systems, including the Google Pixel handsets, several OnePlus phones, and a few more devices that have Android 10 betas available. However, it looks like that list could get a whole lot larger by the end of 2019.

We know this because Google has confirmed a list of manufacturers who will have Android 10 on at least some of their devices by the end of 2019. It did so in an Android Developers blog post, which discusses Google's efforts to increase the speed at which people update their Android version.

Phone companies preparing for Android 10









The list includes lots of companies we'd expect. The fact that some Samsung phones and Sony phones will be updated to Android 10 shortly is no big news, given that they're popular manufacturers of flagship handsets, and since many people own LG phones and Motorola phones, it's no wonder they're on the list too.

There are a few notable omissions too. Xiaomi and Essential aren't on the list because they've already got Android 10, or its beta, on their devices, but it's noteworthy that there are no Huawei phones mentioned. We were expecting some Huawei phones to be getting the Android 10 update very soon, but according to Google this isn't the case.

There's also no mention of Nokia phones in the list but that's likely because the Nokia 8.1 has just started getting the update. Nokia claimed some of its handsets would have the Android 10 update from day one, but that turned out not to be the case – still, at least one is now getting it.

Bear in mind that while all the listed manufacturers will have phones running Android 10 by the end of the year, that doesn't mean all their phones will have it, so if you've got a device that's a few years old now, you might be waiting longer for the newer operating system (if you get it at all).

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