PS5 launch date may have just been narrowed down thanks to Disney Plus

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Sony may have officially unveiled the PS5 media remote, which aims to make it easier to navigate the next-gen console's entertainment services, but there was something distinctly missing from the media remote images: the entertainment services available.

In addition to the standard volume, play/pause and navigational buttons on the remote, there were four buttons at the bottom of the controller that were left blanked out. But, thanks to leaked images from the accessory's instruction manual, we may know what entertainment/streaming services the PS5 has partnerships with - and it may narrow down the PS5 release window.

Brazilian website Tecnoblog (via GamesRadar) posted images of the leaked instruction manual (the Brazilian version), which clearly shows the four dedicated buttons at the bottom of the remote as being for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Disney Plus.

More than meets the eye

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While it's not a huge surprise to see these prominent streaming services getting dedicated buttons on the PS5 media remote, what is interesting is that Disney Plus isn't launching in South America until November 17. 

As mentioned above, the button image leaks are from a Brazilian instruction manual, suggesting that - even if these buttons potentially change from region to region - in South America, at least, these are the services that have partnerships with the PS5. 

Considering it would be odd for Sony to release its console with a dedicated button to a streaming service that isn't live in that region yet, Disney Plus' inclusion suggests that we may not see the PS5 release until at least November 17 - especially as we're expecting the PS5 to launch globally on the same day.

While Sony hasn't confirmed the PS5 price or release date yet (outside of a "Holiday 2020" window, rumors suggest we will see the new PlayStation launching in mid-November, with one report by VGC suggesting a release date around November 13.

According to this report, Sony has booked "significant marketing spend" for the week of November 13, with sources claiming that a launch during that window would fit with their expectations. In addition, Microsoft sources indicated to the publication that it is also expecting for the PS5 to launch the week commencing November 13 - which November 17 falls into. 

While we can't be sure November 17 will be the PS5 launch date, it does seem possible that we will see the PlayStation 5 launching within this time period. however, as with all leaks, we can only speculate and we will have to wait for Sony to officially confirm the PS5 release date. But, with Microsoft finally confirming the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release date, we don't think it'll be long before Sony follows suit.

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