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PS5 price still unannounced, though one retailer is already taking preorders

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Want to buy a PS5? You're not alone. But even though a release window has been set for the end of 2020 – matching that of the Xbox Scarlett – there's still no specific launch day or even price tag for the likely expensive console. That hasn't stopped one retailer, however, from trying to pin down PS5 pre-orders in advance.

Dutch retailer Game Mania (opens in new tab) is now taking preorders for the next-generation PlayStation 5 console, asking residents in the Netherlands and Belgium for a holding fee of €50 (around $55 / £45 / AU$80) to make sure you get a PS5 as soon as everyone else.

You won't be paying a €50 premium, though – as the amount will be deducted from the eventual PS5 price.

Costing up

There's no official word on how much the PS5 will cost, though it's likely to be somewhere in the realms of $500 / £500 / AU$700, given the usual uptick in price for a more advanced console generation – not to mention inflation.

More details are appearing all the time for the PS5, including the first confirmed PS5 title, and various patent leaks for holographic imaging and built-in cameras, though the final product could still include many things we've yet to consider.

This isn't the first time the Netherlands has been ahead of the game, either, with the highly anticipated Disney Plus streaming service landing in the country two months earlier than the US launch – though we don't exactly expect the PS5 to land there first too.

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