Guardian shows off its first iPad app

Great for people who really, really love the Eyewitness spread in the Guardian

The Guardian has shown off its first app for the Apple iPad – with Guardian iPad Eyewitness app showing off the paper's special pictures.

Although it's hardly going to blow anybody's mind, the Eyewitness App is designed to showcase the Guardian's centre-page special pictures that have proven to be a popular feature in the newspaper.

The pictures will come with 'pro tips' from the photography team.

Scale and impact

"We've been waiting for a chance to replicate the scale and impact of the paper's Eyewitness spread on the web, and I think this is it," said Roger Tooth, the head of photography at the Guardian

The app will provide a daily picture and rolling access to the last 100 pictures in the series, but you will only be able to access them when you have a Wi-Fi connection

It's free, as you may expect for a glorified picture gallery, but the pro-tips and quality pictures will no doubt make it a popular app among UK early adopters when they can finally get their hands on the Apple iPad.

Via Guardian