PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset now comes in white to match your PS4

You've got the white sofa, the white coffee table, the white rug, and you've bought a limited edition white PS4 to go with your white TV stand. You wouldn't be seen dead with a black headset now, would you?

If your home decor is like fresh fallen snow and you want a headset to match, you'll be pleased to hear that Sony has announced a white PlayStation Gold Wireless headset. 

It's otherwise identical to the black version that launched in February 2018, with a microphone built into the headset and 7.1 virtual surround sound, designed to fit comfortably with the PlayStation VR headset. It'll launch at the same $99 (£89, if the black model is anything to go by) price point too, landing this October in the US.

New audio modes

Download the headset companion app for PS4 and you'll get some extra audio perks too, as a whole range of games will have audio settings tuned specifically for the headset, and its premium Platinum stablemate.

New titles getting support include Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, EA's Anthem sci-fi multiplayer RPG and the horrifying Days Gone getting support too.

Those last two will be getting the advanced 3D Audio mode that adds additional positional data to a game's sound effects – but note that you'll have to have the Platinum headset for that feature.

Gerald Lynch

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