Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote: as it happened


It's all changed with Apple Watch, with the watchOS 3 software bringing a raft of new changes. You can check out all the new bits in our watchOS 3 hub, so if you don't want to see it as it happened, we've rounded all the info there for you.

The main differences are to fitness and the speed of using the Watch, as you can now launch apps in a heartbeat thanks to improved background management. Talking of heartbeats, you can drop yours with new ways to help you meditate as well as stand up a bit more, and there are new emergency contact methods and support for wheelchair users.

The button on the side of the Watch is now used to your favorite apps and handwriting recognition - and all these new features will be coming to your wrist in the Fall, with developers able to try it out right now.

10.26 - Apple Pay support within apps on the Watch has been added, along with background workout features. Lots more API inclusions for developers to get their teeth into, giving them more flexibility. The preview release of Watch OS 3 is available today for developers. The upgrade for all Watch users will arrive this fall.

10.24 - Breathe is a new deep breathing app. Sessions are aimed to help you calm your mind and relax your body, with reminders letting you know it's time to chill.

10.20 - New features for wheelchair users too, with new trackers to gauge their unique motions to ensure more accurate readings. "Time to stand" notifications are changed to "Time to roll" and the activity rings are optimized for wheelchair pushes.

WWDC 2016 live blog

10.19 - Apple's adding a new features to the fitness app to Watch OS 3. Introducing activity sharing. This lets you see not only your own activity rings, but also those of family and friends. You can sort the list in a variety of ways, allowing you to see how you compare to others. You can also message people - with voice notes, and even a reading of your heart beat - within the app, which is verging on the creepy side.

10.18 - There's an emergency feature too called SOS, allowing you to instantly call emergency services, and then the Watch will alert your key contacts and display your medical information on screen. It works internationally, allowing it to call the emergency services relevant to the country you're in.

WWDC 2016 live blog

10.15 - We're getting a live demo of Watch OS 3 - the key focus is on how easy and quick it is to do simple tasks such as set timers, view lists and using find friends.

WWDC 2016 live blog

10.13 - New Minnie Mouse watch face! Cue applause. There's an easy watch face switching feature too - just swipe across the screen to switch between faces. Other new faces include activity, making it easy to see your rings to make sure you're on track to hit your goals.

10.12 - Replying to messages in now more powerful, with an easy to hit reply button. Stock messages don't always say what you want, so Apple's new Scribble feature lets you write words with your finger.

10.11 - There's a new app dock on the Watch, allowing you to access your favorite apps from anywhere on the Watch by using the side button. Control Centre has also been added - swipe up from the bottom to get to your quick settings.

WWDC 2016 live blog

10.10 - Watch OS 3 brings seamless updates to applications running on your Watch, meaning you don't have to wait for updates to display in app - they'll already be there.

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