Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote: as it happened

10.08 - Oh wait, Tim's talking about four OSs - Watch OS, TV OS, Mac OS and iOS. We're kicking off with the Watch and the new Watch OS 3 software update.

10.06 - Apple has a busy morning planned, but first Tim Cook is going to explain why Apple does what it does. We're going to be told about four Apple platforms - FOUR!

- Macintosh
- iPhone
- iPad
- Apple Watch
- Apple TV

Hang on Tim, that's FIVE, not four. BONUS STUFF! :D

WWDC 2016 live blog

09.45 -The room is filling up nicely. The tap tapping of keyboards fill the air, the smell of sweat and anticipation fill our nostrils and the sound of Beats 1 provides the undertone of Apple control.

WWDC 2016 live blog

09.30 - WHEN I SAY 'BE' YOU SAY 'TA'.... 'BE'...

Fine, don't join in, but by the end of proceedings today Apple may have a Beta you'll want to get involved with. It's Beta Software Program site is currently down, a website it used to issue public betas for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan last year, which could mean we'll get similar access to early builds of iOS 10 and Mac OS X 10.12.

WWDC 2016 live blog

Back with Betas, soon

09.25 - Lucky enough to be attending WWDC 2016? Then hunt down our Editor-in-Chief Darren Murph who says on Twitter "I came to give hugs" - and damn fine hugs they are.

WWDC 2016 live blog

The hand of hug

09.00 - Are you sitting comfortably? We are. Just an hour to go, and Apple hasn't taken its site offline. A hint that there won't be any significant hardware announcements today? Let's hope not. #showusthenewAppleWatch

WWDC 2016 live blog

Are you ready?

08.45 - Queue. What queue? We're inside. Suck it!

Well, we've not quite made it to the auditorium, but the holding area is where all the cool kids hang out, right?

WWDC 2016 live blog

Matt doesn't stand in line. (actually, he probably does)

08.40 - "Oh dear lord, there are a lot of people here #WWDC2016" - Gareth Beavis, 2016

WWDC 2016 live blog

Is a new iPhone on sale?

08.30 - There's a big queue for badges outside the Bill Grahams Civic Auditorium. It looks a bit like a castle, don't you think?

WWDC 2016 live blog

08.00 - Two hours to go, and our WWDC newbie @mattswider is hoping he gets spotted on the livestream, tweeting "Look for me, mom and dad ;)" - you can join in with our "Where's Matt sitting" game using this handy selfie from the man himself.

WWDC 2016 live blog

Tweet @techradar with a screengrab if you spot him!

07.20 - @superbeav has his badge: "Enjoying the colour scheme on the #WWDC2016 badge. Praying it doesn't mean a U2 Apple Watch variant is coming..." he coos on Twitter.

WWDC 2016 live blog

Does black and red work for you?

06.00 – TechRadar will be out in force at the Bill Grahams Civic Auditorium, with Darren Murph, Gareth Beavis and Matt Swider grabbing a seat. Follow them on Twitter for their musings on proceedings.

Darren - @darrenmurph
Gareth - @superbeav
Matt - @mattswider

05.40 - The sun is rising in San Francisco as we wait for WWDC 2016 to kick off in just a few hours time. While we let Cook grab his morning coffee and breakfast - he's likely to be up, he's a renowned early riser - whet your technology appetite by taking a look back at what Apple announced at last year's event. Yummy!

03.35 - Want to watch Cook and co. while following our in-depth analysis and commentary? We've got you covered.

03.00 PDT - Will iOS 10 sport a new dark mode? And will you be able to control the setting via Siri? A new response from the personal assistant seems to suggest just that. That could mean better power usage on iPhones and iPads, but it could also hint at Siri coming to Mac which already sports a dark mode.

01.00 PDT - Next door to the Bill Grahams Civic Auditorium, City Hall is looking splendid in a rainbow splash of color to remember those lost in Orlando.

WWDC 2016 live blog


12.00am PDT - The Bill Grahams Civic Auditorium in San Francisco is ready for WWDC 2016. Are you?

WWDC 2016 live blog

There are already people in the queue!

Welcome - Another year, another WWDC. Apple's annual developer conference is always a big draw, with announcements surrounding the new versions of Mac OS and iOS the key highlights.

But they're not the only things we expect to see during Tim Cook's keynote - Apple may have a whole bunch of goodies up its sleeve.

As well as news on Mac OS X 10.12 and iOS 10, we're also looking out for the Apple Watch 2 with updated Watch OS 3 software, a new 15-inch MacBook and possibly updates to Apple CarPlay and Apple Music.

For those of you who like to dream, there's also talk of an Apple Car and Apple's own movie streaming service - although these two are a little bit more left field than the rest. We might even see iMessage get Android support - fingers crossed!

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