Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote: as it happened


The next level of OS X is here - and the name is gone, so welcome in macOS, and this one is called Sierra. You can check out all the big changes in our macOS Sierra hub, so head there for the maximum information.

Apple Pay is coming to the internet in more forms, you can tab together windows and Siri is now a part of the Mac experience. There's more integration and continuity with your iPhone as well, making your Apple devices talk together more freely.

Coming to developers today, it'll be available to all in the Fall.

10.49 - Siri works as you'd expect it to - controlling playback of the music, write a message and show you files tagged as you wish.

Sierra will be available to developers right now, with the full update coming... you've guessed it... in the Fall.

10.47 - Hey everyone, Siri is here! It's on the Mac. And of course she's being smart straight away. When asked how she liked being on the Mac: 'Pretty awesome, lots of space, aluminum body was, and no complaint about the lack of Windows."

10.42 - Couple of big features here as well - with iCloud Drive you can now put your documents on the cloud to make them available across your systems... not just iOS devices. And your desktop is now available on any other Mac or other iPhone - people love that.

And Optimise Storage - this is where the Mac will keep older files in the cloud so you can clear space locally. Better hope you've got some good storage online though...

10.41 - Apple Pay is coming to the Mac too - some long and hard thinking here and a CLASSIC FEDERIGHI move of showing someone trying to pay for things on the go by carrying a massive Mac around and tapping it on the terminal.


NOT REALLY. It's a 'pay with Apple Pay' button online - and using Continuity, if you've got an iPhone or Apple Watch nearby you can pay with a fingerprint or a Watch tap.

10.37 - Let's get into the new features. Instead of having to keep logging into the Mac with a password - with a single flip of the cover, using something like the Apple Watch (which is definitely linked to you) to make sure you're the right person nearby.

We've also got Universal Clipboard (and that's got people pretty excited here) - upshot being you can copy and paste stuff from you iPhone to your Mac without having to mess around with tapping around and sharing it... it's all instant.

10.35 - Craig Federighi is on stage - and he's making a big change to the name of Apple's desktop operating system. It's now going to be called macOS. There's a surprise... And it's also called Sierra, but there's less of a chat about the 'finding of the name' this time around.

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