U.S. Cellular to start selling Galaxy Note 2 Oct. 26

Galaxy Note 2
Coming to a U.S. Cellular store near you

U.S. Cellular got announcement happy when it initially exclaimed that it would carry the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The carrier was the first to open pre-orders, though it won't be the first to start selling the device.

That honor goes to T-Mobile, however Verizon may soon join T-Mo in offering up the device Wednesday.

U.S. Cellular, on the other hand, will start selling the phablet Oct. 26, the company reportedly announced, at the same price as everyone else: $299.99.

The price includes a contract and gives users a 16GB 5.9-inch handset.

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Customers can pick up the Note 2 either online or in U.S. Cellular stores starting Friday and those who already placed a pre-order should expect it to ship Thursday as well.

Bit by bit, carriers, pricing and availability has come out for the Galaxy Note 2, a 5.5-inch screened phone that's closer in size to a small tablet.

Samsung has been trotting the device across the globe, and will finally officially bring it to the U.S. during an event at 4 p.m. PDT.

Sprint will start selling the device Thursday, while AT&T customers must wait until Nov. 9. No word yet on when Verizon joins the phablet fun, but that could be known soon.

Via Gotta Be Mobile