Top 10 social media apps for Android

Top 10 social media apps for Android
Top 10 social media apps for Android

Entirely made-up research suggests there are now more social media apps than there are actual people willing to be friends with you – so how do you go about choosing the right apps to avoid smartphone social death?

As usual your only true friend, TechRadar, is here to guide you through, even if you don't know your FaceSpace from your MyTubes.

So, allow us to introduce the following…

1. Facebook Home

Facebook Home

The leading social network has a standard app, but this takes things a step further, replacing your homescreen with Facebook's familiar news feed, so you can see what your friends are up to as soon as you pick up your phone. It may be a bit invasive for some, but it's still worth a look if you just love the 'Book.

2. Plume


Formerly touted as Touiteur, this attractive Twitter client allows plenty of customisation including colour-coded contacts and the ability to hide specific tweeters/topics. Inline photos and streaming add to the eye-candy appeal, but it's more than just a pretty (inter)face.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

This Facebook add-on lets you chat with friends while using other apps, using floating "chat heads" you can move around the screen. You can also integrate your SMS and Facebook conversations on some devices, with support for others promised soon.

4. Seesmic


With the imminent demise of TweetDeck, this well-designed dashboard app looks set to cement its reputation as the best way to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts – not least thanks to an ad-free paid version for under two quid.

5. HootSuite


Another all-in-one solution for Twitter and Facebook, HootSuite is geared more towards business users, with access to click stats and other analytic tools. Offering support for LinkedIn, Foursquare and others, it's powerful but slightly stuffy, as its owlish logo implies.

6. UberSocial


Another feature-packed Twitter client, the app formerly known as Twidroyd boasts a nifty "inner circle" option to prioritise tweets from your favourite users, plus menu customisation, in-app pics and videos, posting to Facebook, and support for tweets over 140 characters.

7. Pinterest


Sadly not a network for the shared appreciation of Harold Pinter, this social scrapbook lends itself to on-the-go use, as you never know when you'll see something inspiring you want to share. It's also great if you just like looking at cakes.

8. Flipboard


This gorgeous app turns your social media into a magazine-style digest, with updates from up to 12 social circles including Twitter and Facebook. Designed to incorporate your choice of world news, too, it's a one-stop shop for what really matters.

9. eBuddy


Combine all your instant message chats with this cross-platform client for Facebook, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger and more. Designed to run in the background while you do other things, it's a great way to avoid achieving any of them.

10. Badoo


Designed to take your socialising offline, this app will help you find real-life humans in your vicinity. You don't need to give out any contact details, and you might just meet the person to make your heart skip a tweet.

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