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The two-year phone contract is dead, thanks to Sprint

Sprint is the last of the major carriers to drop the two-year contract

The era of two-year phone contracts comes to a close as Sprint does away with phone subsidies.

While Sprint's contract option was canned at the same time as AT&T's, T-Mobile did away with two-year contracts years ago, with Verizon following suit this past summer. This means that as of now, all four major cellular providers have put the kibosh on contracts.

The news, hinted at last Friday in an Android Central leak, was confirmed this morning by The Verge.

Sprint's tablets are still currently available in contract form, but all phones sold on the network will transition to monthly installment plans or being purchased outright.

Though this limits payment options for cellular users, it is unlikely that the two-year contract's penchant for irregular fees and committing to the long-term will be missed.