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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on sale in stores today

Galaxy S5
Grab the Galaxy S5 in stores now

There's nothing quite like walking in to a store and waltzing out with a brand-new gadget to take home and play with. Beginning today, you can have that love-at-first-swipe moment with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung's next-gen handset is now on sale at all major US carrier stores, meaning you can head to an AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular retail location and pick-up the 5.1-inch phone for yourself.

Those who pre-ordered should have received or will receive their new S5 soon, but today's general availability will likely help the ranks of Galaxy owners grow.

We've gathered each carriers' pricing plans in a handy guide, but note the typical going rate with a two-year contract is $199. Off-contract, you can nab the Galaxy S5 for $650, and many carriers offer monthly payment plans through early upgrade programs.

Other retailers, such as Amazon, RadioShack, Best Buy and Target, are also offering S5's on various carrier networks.

Are you rushing out to get one? Or are you saving yourself for the HTC One (M8)?