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The budget-friendly Lumia 530 is coming to T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless soon

Nokia Lumia 530
Get the orange or black Lumia 530 for extra Halloween cheer

Microsoft's Lumia 530 will finally arrive in the US through T-Mobile on October 15, the carrier has announced.

The Lumia 530 is a Windows Phone 8 handset with a budget-friendly price and specs to match.

The carrier is pushing out the Lumia 530 for $80 with a two-year contract.

Best seller

In addition AT&T, apparently not willing to tarnish its good name by stocking the garish and affordable Lumia 530, will also sell the phone through its Cricket Wireless brand for $50 starting October 3.

T-Mobile said the Lumia 530's predecessor, the Lumia 520, is one of the best-selling Windows Phones handsets it's ever stocked.

Best Buy and the Microsoft Store will also have the Lumia 530 on shelves, and ten days earlier than T-Mobile and two days after Cricket, on October 5.