T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and Virgin HTC Desire deals compared

The findings paint an interesting early picture of the mobile phone landscape in the UK - it's nothing like the Apple iPhone snooze-fest we're used to when it comes to pricing.

T-Mobile is the winner of nearly every category when you average it out over the course of the deals - we certainly didn't expect a near-whitewash from one network.

HTC desire

And, of course, it's about more than this; many people get attracted by the prospect of a free phone at the start and are happy to pay a little bit more over the course of a contract. If that's the case, Vodafone is a good bet, given that you can't actually pay upfront for the HTC Desire on a contract with the network.

Don't forget the smorgasbord of other independent sites out there undercutting the networks with different minute and handset contract combos - you can use a comparison site like Omio to see all those on offer.

Virgin Media has some comparably good deals in the mix as well, and we haven't even taken into account the customer-centric offerings we've seen, with offers of either a £5 lower tariff for the same contract term or a shorter 18-month contract for the same monthly tariff.

If you're an existing customer, this makes it far and away the cheapest in a number of categories - but we're assuming many people won't be.

So T-Mobile is so far the best way to get the HTC Desire on the cheapest deal when it's all laid out. But it really depends how you like to buy your mobile really.