Sprint rolls out Galaxy Note 2 update, complete with Multi Window View

Galaxy Note 2
Note 2 gets some nifty updates

Those who recently picked up a Galaxy Note 2 from Sprint don't have to wait long to get their first software update as Wednesday the carrier started sliding out some minor tweaks and improvements.

Chief among them is the addition of Multi Window View, a feature that lets users run two applications on the same screen.

With a 5.5-inch display, the phablet has plenty of spare real estate, helping users multitask in an uncluttered space.

It's by no means a major update, yet for Note 2 users yearning to update their calendars while writing a text about weekend plans, it will be a welcome addition.

Other improvements

Also included in the update is a feature that will usher emails to the Outbox when the phablet is in a no coverage area or in airplane mode.

Perfect for users tired of missing texts while listening to lengthy phone convo, a text message notification now beeps while talkers are chatting away.

Lastly, the update lets corporate device administrators set GPS lock settings as defaults.

The update will start knocking on Note 2s doors Wednesday with all Sprint versions expected to receive it within about five days.

After about a 20-minute install process (including download time) users can start swiping and stylus-tapping away to their heart's content.

Via Sprint Community