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Sense 6 is rolling out to two carriers' HTC One M7s now

Who says you can't teach an old phone new tricks?

The original HTC One is getting Sense 6 in the latest update from Sprint and Verizon.

That will bring the older HTC phone slightly more in line with its superior successor, the HTC One M8.

Sprint and Verizon's HTC One Sense scores come on the heels of the updates to the developer and unlocked versions of the phone, as well as the T-Mobile version's.

In all, HTC has so far kept its promise to roll out Sense 6 to the HTC One by the end of May.

Consensual overlay

Some Android users prefer an unadulterated version of Google's mobile OS, but HTC's Sense 6 UI overlay is one of the few alterations that folks don't seem to mind.

The Sense 6 upgrade adds upgraded Blinkfeed, more customization options and a cleaner interface to the HTC One's existing Sense interface.

Sense 6 is also available on T-Mobile's HTC One, which leaves just AT&T to join the sextuplet party.

If you're on one of the carriers that has released the HTC One's Sense 6 update, watch out for a notification over the next few days.

Via Greenbot