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Samsung not launching Android phone 'til Q3?

Samsung leaks its touchscreen range for 2009
Samsung leaks its touchscreen range for 2009

Samsung's plans to release an Android-powered handset might be coming this year, but apparently we'll have to wait until deep into summer to get it.

Digitimes is reporting that the company will be the first of the top five manufacturers to release such a device (the others being Nokia, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson) which is a little surprising given that three others in that list have confirmed they'll be making an Android phone this year.

Industry insiders have also confirmed to TechRadar that they have seen prototype efforts from both LG and Samsung, so it's presumably a problem with the hardware or software delaying the release until later this year.

Fuzzy preview

We saw a fuzzy preview of the phone earlier this month from a Dutch trade show, and Digitimes says its market sources believe it will be similar in form to the HTC Magic, launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

It's more than likely that we'll start seeing a lot more Android action in the coming months from the 'big names' in the mobile business, especially as designers begin to figure out what can be done with the platform and the new 'Cupcake' upgrade is announced.

From All About Phones via Engadget Mobile