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Samsung Mobile proves it's Extremely Solid

Samsung Solid Extreme - both extreme and solid
Samsung Solid Extreme - both extreme and solid

Samsung has unleashed another mobile onto unsuspecting Brits, but this is one right out of the shed, with ruggedness painted all over its manly face - the Solid Extreme.

Available from Vodafone and O2 in April, this phone can apparently "withstand exceptionally tough outdoor conditions," including rock-climbing, canoeing, or even working in a warehouse apparently, thanks to its high IP rating, making it immune to dust and water.

Not only that, but drop it off the top of some (2 metre high) scaffolding and it won't even break sweat. Well, phones don't sweat, but if they DID this one wouldn't. It would most likely growl.

My phone...!

Samsung even claims that dropping it into some white water rapids won't stop this baby working, although why you would care if the phone still works as you watch it get washed down the river at speed is beyond us.

It also has noise cancellation technology, a torch, massively loud speaker to use against chavs / hear better and a big rubber grip, with a 1.3MP camera, MP3 and video player and FM radio. even has them in store now for the sprightly sum of £100, so if you're sick of breaking your phone through stupidity and often wear thick gloves, perhaps you should check this out.