Samsung / LG to release super-fast phone?

Qualcomm hopes to make the mobile world that little bit faster

Qualcomm is hoping to boost the processing speed of more mobile devices after it announced it will be bringing a smartphone and smartbook based on its superfast Snapdragon chip.

The chip will be used in a smartphone manufactured by a Korean company, meaning the finger is quickly going to be pointed at LG or Samsung, and a Taiwanese company picking up the smartbook.

For those that don't know / don't care about the smartbook category, it's a device that bridges the shrinking gap between a smartphone and a netbook, so basically high performance in a smaller package. (And yes, we hate the name too).

New markets

The Snapdragon processor, which will hit European markets with the Acer F1 and the Toshiba TG01 at some point in the future, is the fastest on the mobile phone market at 1GHz processing speed, easily eclipsing the likes of the Samsung Jet with its 800MHz effort.

The new devices will be available around Q4 this year in Korea, although there's currently no word on when / if they will hit the UK (though you'd have to expect something this high end would make it all around the world).

Via Unwired View