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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active just got a 'Sport'-y new name on Sprint

Galaxy S5 Sport
The S5 Sport comes in 'cherry red' and 'electric blue'

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is already only rudimentarily different from the standard Galaxy S5, and now a third variant is being introduced by Samsung and Sprint.

But the Galaxy S5 Sport, as it's called, is even less different from the S5 Active than the Active was from the original.

In fact, it's more or less identical, with the new name being the only discernible difference.

The carrier is nevertheless calling the Galaxy S5 Sport an "exclusive," so that's fun.

Not this again

To be fair, there are aspects of the S5 Sport - including available colors and included apps - that are actually exclusive to Sprint.

The Sprint phone will come in "cherry red" and "electric blue," and it's pre-loaded with a new Sprint Fit Live fitness app package in addition to the Active's Activity Zone, S Health and heart rate monitor.

Like the S5 Active, the S5 Sport has IP67 water and dust resistance, a step up from the standard S5's slightly less effective water resistance.

The Sport also has the Active's upgraded "textured casing."

It arrives "exclusively" on Sprint July 25. Let's just hope other carriers don't follow suit and spark a resurgence of naming every phone something different for each of their networks.