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Is LG's curved phone the G Flex? We may find out in November

LG's curved phone may be the G Flex, arriving November
I, for one, welcome our bendy overlords

Having reported on LG's rumoured flexible Z phone just hours ago, we've received some new info nuggets that change everything.

Well, not absolutely everything. But according to sources speaking to Cnet, LG's new phone will likely be going with the name "G Flex", meaning the Z moniker may have just been an internal codename.

The phone will feature a 6-inch display and the same sources claim that November will be the month in which LG makes the big curvy reveal, although plans are said to not be finalised just yet.

Remember, remember, flexible November

The flex-factor doesn't mean the phone will actually be bendable though - just that it will arrive in a fixed contorted form.

Cnet says the phone will be "dramatic enough to comfortably fit around your face but not so angular that it looks weird" and has obtained a sketch of the handset showing off that not-overly-dramatic curvature.

G Flex

It's expected that Samsung will also put out a curved smartphone this month, after the Korean firm confirmed something flexible was heading our way.