The best iPhone 6S Plus prices and deals in January 2016

iphone 6s plus deals and prices

The iPhone 6S Plus is the supersized version of the latest Apple iPhone. It comes packing all of the excellent features from the iPhone 6 Plus including that awesome 5.5-inch 1080p display, but with added functionality like improved battery life and 3D touch, where you can press a bit harder on the screen to get a different response. On this page you'll find a comparison tool right at the top so that you can compare and filter all the best iPhone 6S Plus deals. Beneath that we've rounded up the different models and colors available to help you choose the iPhone 6S that's perfect for you.

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best iphone 6s deal

The best iPhone 6S Plus deals:

iPhone 6S Plus 16GB
The entry-level 6S Plus and where it all kicks off for the big-screen version of Apple's hottest handset. With just 16GB of user-accessible storage, this isn't the best choice for music, photo and video junkies. But if you want an iPhone mainly for access to the awesome iOS app ecosystem along with the latest iPhone functionality including 3D touch, the 16GB model is still a great choice. Just remember, even some apps can be storage hungry.

iphone 6S Plus deals

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus 64GB
Many users will find the entry-level iPhone 6S Plus's 16GB of storage doesn't quite get the job done. Instead, the 64GB model is probably the sweetspot in terms of balancing storage space with value for money. 64GB is enough for a pretty epic iTunes library, a decent collection of images and videos along with a healthy installation of apps.

iphone 6S Plus deals

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus 128GB
The daddy of the iPhone 6S Plus range is he 128GB model. The weapon of choice for multimedia junkies, it's the model you want if you have an itunes music library the size of a small planet or like recording 4K movies with the 6S Plus's awesome new camera. 128GB of storage is also handy for storing multiple GB-heavy apps like nav apps with locally stored maps.

iphone 6S Plus deals

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6S Plus | Annual upgrades | From $37.45 per month
As great as the iPhone 6S Plus undoubtedly is, you can be sure of one thing. Something even snazzier from Apple is probably just around the corner. After all, Apple upgrades its handsets on an annual cycle. If you want to keep at the cutting edge, you'll need to do the same. Handily, Apple has a new program to help you do just that. It's call iPhone Annual Upgrade Program. Instead of forking out the full up-front price, you pay a monthly installment. After 12 months, you can trade in your iPhone 6S Plus for the latest model and reboot the monthly payments. Prices start at $37.45 for the 16GB 6S Plus.

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