iPhone 6S and 6S Plus pre-order: How to get Apple's new phones

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

Also happening when pre-orders kick off: Consumers can reserve an iPhone for an in-store upgrade through the new iPhone Upgrade Program. The program lets customers get a new iPhone every year as long as they've made 12 months of payments.

The phone you buy through the program is unlocked, allowing you to choose your carrier. It also comes with AppleCare+, something not offered through individual carrier payment installment plans.

Payment plans are for 24 months, and are broken down like this:

iPhone 6S 16GB - $32.41/month

iPhone 6S 64GB - $36.58/month

iPhone 6S 128GB - $40.75/month

iPhone 6S Plus 16GB - $36.58/month

iPhone 6S Plus 64GB - $40.75/month

iPhone 6S Plus 128GB - $44.91/month


AT&T is launching pre-orders on Saturday at 12:01am PT, and customers can head straight to att.com/iphone to order their phone. The devices go on sale in stores starting at 8am local time Friday, September 25.

Ma Bell is offering a number of incentives for those who buy a new iPhone on its network, including 15GB of data for $100 for those who get an iPhone on one of its Mobile Share Value plans, as well as other deals.


Pre-orders start on September 12 at Sprint. The carrier hasn't indicated whether its stores will start selling the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus when they open on September 25, but don't be surprised if they do.

Interestingly, Sprint does have a 2-year-contract option, so customers can choose the traditional $199, $299 and $399 price tier, depending on the storage of their phones.


The Uncarrier revealed some of its plans for the new iPhones the day after Apple announced them.
Yes, it's going to offer pre-orders starting just after midnight on Saturday, but it's taking a different route when it comes to pricing and plan options.

Customers can get an iPhone 6S for $20/month for 18 months through the carrier's JUMP! On Demand program, or a 6S Plus for $24/month for 18 months, both for $0 down.

T-Mobile also introduced a new Lifetime Coverage Guarantee, which means that as long as users have a new iPhone, if they aren't totally satisfied with the coverage they can get a full refund for the amount they spent in the first month of their plan. T-Mobile will also unlock the iPhone so they can switch to another carrier.


Just like its cohorts, Verizon is offering iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S pre-orders Saturday. It too has kept mum on in-store availability, but we expect that to be revealed in the coming days. As with Sprint, you can choose a traditional two-year contract for a lower subsidized price on Verizon.

From Apple

Of course, you can order a new iPhone in all available configurations and on any of the above-listed carriers through Apple's online store directly. Or, you can sign up to reserve an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus through the company's iPhone Upgrade Program.

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