This carrier has the best iPhone 6S deal so far

Apple iPhone 6S

Jumping ahead of the competition, T-Mobile has announced some exclusive plans for the iPhone 6S including a $125 discount.

Purchasing an 16GB iPhone 6S through JUMP! On Demand comes to a grand total of $524, split between paying $360 over the span of 18 months and a separate $164 charge to keep the device. Effectively this would allow T-Mobile customers to pick up the device for $125 less than the $649 price they would for the smartphone directly from Apple.

On top of the sweet deal, T-Mobile is also offering a Lifetime Coverage Guarantee for any iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus purchased though its JUMP! On Demand program. While it might sound like a warranty, the pink carrier is actually promising to give new iPhone owners the best service possible or your money back.

"For as long as you use your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on T-Mobile, if you aren't completely satisfied with your coverage experience we'll refund you for every penny you've paid for your new device in the first month," John Legere promised in a release.

What's more, T-Mobile will also unlock your device so you can use it with one of the other wireless companies and the company will even refund up to a full month of your service.

By adding more LTE bands, Apple's newest pair of handsets can take advantage of T-Mobile's 700MHz spectrum, which is said to offer around four times the amount of penetrating power to send stronger signals through walls and buildings.

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