HTC One M8 will not get Android 7 Nougat

HTC One M8

The rumors are true – HTC has confirmed to TechRadar the One M8 will not receive Android 7 Nougat software.

In a statement to TechRadar a spokesperson for HTC said, "The HTC One M8 is outside of the update window, so it is not currently slated to receive Nougat.

"It will continue to receive critical security fixes as necessary and some HTC apps will continue to receive updates direct from Google Play."

Left in the cold

There is still no word on what HTC Desire phones will be receiving the Android 7 upgrade, but HTC has already confirmed the HTC 10, One M9 and One A9 will receive the new software by the end of 2016.

It's a shame for lovers of the HTC One M8 – a phone we gave five stars back in 2014 – but it makes sense for HTC to drop this device from its update schedule considering its age.

The security fixes are a big help for those who still love their One M8, but if you're after the Android 7 Nougat experience it may be time to upgrade yourself to an even better and newer phone.

James Peckham

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