HTC Desire vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone cameras have long been the stick with which to beat the handsets – sure, Safari Mobile is great, but the 2MP cameras in the first models were just rubbish.

Jobs must have taken umbrage with such criticism, as the iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera with LED flash and HD video recording.

It's a great option to have, simply because the pictures look so good and the shutter speed is out of this world – HD video recording is slick and stable too.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

And when it comes to media, we're looking at up to 32GB of storage, the full range of iPod power making music and video browsing very easy, and a decent audio performance coupled with good video thanks to the retina display.

HTC Desire

It's strange to think that in a few short months the Desire has slipped so far back in terms of photography and media power.

Sure, the 5MP camera isn't going to set the world alight, as it only offered slightly above average photos, but it was certainly better than anything HTC had offered previously.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

But it's not in the same league as the iPhone, as even though it has a flash it's not as powerful and the shutter speed isn't anywhere near – plus it only records at DVD quality, where others are moving to HD.

Media is the same – it's all very good, it's just not stellar with things like audio performance and ease of browsing (with videos lumped in with photos for some reason) not quite hitting the high levels its peers are managing with ease.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung has always had a heritage of making decent cameras, with the Pixon 12 among the most advanced cameraphones in the world.

However, that knowledge hasn't really shown up on the Galaxy S, as despite packing a 5MP sensor like the others on test, it hasn't got a flash and also struggles to take clear snaps.

The HD video recording is a bit better though, with decent footage possible providing you can hold the camera really still.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

But when it comes to media, the Galaxy S really excels. Not only is the screen clear, large and bright, it's also got a ridiculous amount of sharpness to it when watching videos, and the contrast ratios are immense too.

Audio-wise it's great as well, with the bass and high-end particularly nice. However, thanks to the poorer camera, you'd have to argue the iPhone 4 is better overall.

Winner: iPhone 4

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