HTC Desire vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

iPhone 4

The Retina Display from Apple packs the highest amount of pixels into a mobile phone screen, and offers a very sharp image on the screen indeed.

You can zoom right into letters on a web page and there's no graining – Apple says this is so high-res that the human eye doesn't need any more.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

It uses LCD technology, rather than OLED, so it's a little thicker – although the iPhone 4 is still the thinnest smartphone on the market.

HTC Desire

The OLED screen on the Desire is pretty nice in its own right – decent colour saturation, high contrast ratio, good response – but despite it being at the sharp end of the industry, it's still beaten comfortably by its rivals.

It has the same resolution as the Samsung Galaxy S but doesn't have the same clarity – although watching video on the screen is still a nice experience, and you can really ramp the brightness up when necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S

The Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S is the most advanced the Koreans have created – and it shows.

The screen is pin sharp, and the speed and response time is the best we've seen on a mobile, which means watching movies is a really nice experience.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

According to the spec sheet, the iPhone 4's Retina Display is actually superior – but to our eyes we prefer looking at things on the Galaxy S.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S