Here are the best pictures of the budget iPhone to date

Here are the best pictures of the budget iPhone to date
Casings, casings everywhere but no actual handset to speak of

Yet more photos of what is believed to be a cheap iPhone have surfaced, showing off its outer shell and volume switches in close-up.

The design of the white shell first published by the fairly reliable folk over at show a similar design to that we're already familiar with from other leaks.

It's very similar to the iPhone 5 but with a softer, more-rounded look thanks to the plastic casing that continues around the edges of the handset.

Snow White

Also on show are holes for the camera lens and flash and the dinky lightning connector port on the bottom panel. Unfortunately, the headphone jack is also down there as it is on the iPhone 5.

Cheap iPhone

Credit: FanaticFone

Chinese-Twitter-alike Weibo also plays host to some volume switches supposedly for the cheap iPhone - in the jaunty shades of yellow, blue, green and red that we've seen in other budget iPhone chassis leaks, they look an LA starlet's daily dose of vitamins and supplements.

Budget iPhone

Credit: Weibo

We're still none the wiser as to a release date for the budget iPhone, however - although, knowing Apple, 'budget' is likely to turn out to mean 'slightly less insanely expensive' rather than being synonymous with 'actually cheap'.

Check out some of the best leaked images of the budget iPhone below:

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