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Game over for Garmin-Asus alliance

Garmin-Asus split; will somebody please think of the children?
Garmin-Asus split; will somebody please think of the children?

Garmin Asus look set to split up after its co-branded business hasn't managed to gain the traction it hoped in the market.

Garmin first came to the market with the Nuvifone nearly four years ago, but it took aeons to get the device (which had navigation at its heart) actually to market.

Asus was supposed to manufacture the hardware, so a tie-up between the two seemed to make sense, but after only releasing a handful of phones (mostly based on Windows Mobile unfortunately) it seems the partnership has decided to call it a day.

Uncertain future

Whether or not Garmin and Asus will continue to manufacture devices under the separate brands we don't know - Garmin's presence in the market hasn't really set the world alight, and it might just steer clear of a smartphone sat nav market dominated by free offerings from Nokia and Google.

The alliance will wrap up early next year, when the agreement between the companies comes to an end in January 2011, and it will be interesting to see whether or not Asus goes it alone or seeks a new partner for its smartphone business.

From Reuters via Cellpassion