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Attention AT&T customers: May 1 a good day to get HTC One, Galaxy S4

Phone in hand, $100 in pocket

Premium phones are expensive no matter how you cut it, but AT&T is taking some of the edge off by offering a $100 off trade-in program kicking off May 1.

Customers can knock at least $100 from the purchase of a new phone, including the Galaxy S4, 32GB HTC One and

BlackBerry Z10

. Normally, these handsets run $199.99 on a two-year contract.

As if it wasn't clear, the carrier says the deal applies to any smartphone it sells, including iPhones and the HTC First. What's more, customers with phones that have a trade-in value higher than $100 will receive a comparable credit. Old phones, by the way, can't be older than three years and must be in good, working condition.

We know: At the end of the day, contracts suck you of your hard earned dollars, but if you're going to buy a new phone anyway, saving an extra Benjamin Franklin isn't a bad way to go.

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