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Will the iPhone 6L really be called the 'iPhone Plus?'

I know my calculus

Update: It turns out the rumor was not too far off. In fact, you should check out our Apple iPhone 6 Plus hands on review.

We know we're in for two flavors of the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, but just how Apple will label the dual devices remains to be seen.

Our best guess is that the 4.7-inch variant will be called, "iPhone 6," and we've kicked around "iPhone 6L" as the larger version's moniker. Today, however, we're hearing something completely different.

Word is the larger iPhone 6 will be called the iPhone Plus. Not exactly the most inspired name, but one you can't argue doesn't get the message across.

If you remember way back to last year, "iPhone Math" often surfaced as the name of a larger iPhone 6. While not exactly the same, maybe iPhone Plus morphed out of Math? It seems possible.

Whether it's the iPhone 6L or iPhone Plus or iPhone Air, tune in right here tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. GMT when Apple's iPhone 6 launch gets off the ground.