Moon Knight's MCU return depends on one big factor

Steven Grant screams in horror at a mummified monster in Moon Knight episode 4
A second season of Moon Knight, or even a feature film, could be a possibility. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Moon Knight lead actor Oscar Isaac has detailed what it'll take to get a second season of the Marvel TV series made.

Speaking to, Isaac revealed that the only way the Disney Plus show would return is if there was a captivating story that was worth telling. In our Moon Knight review, we called it the "best TV series Marvel has ever made", so we're definitely interested in the character's return.

Interestingly, Isaac confirmed that he had held talks with Marvel about bringing Moon Knight back to the small screen – or, excitingly, even the big screen. However, the Star Wars and Dune star also played down the prospect of triumvirate Steven Grant/Marc Spector/Moon Knight appearing the MCU again in the near future.

"There have been some specific conversations [about Moon Knight]," Isaac explained. "They were pleasant. The spilling of the details is that there's no details. We don't know [if there'll be a season 2], but we're talking about it.

"Truthfully, it's about the story," he continued. "Is there a story worth telling? Is it interesting? Will I feel embarrassed about it when it comes out? So it's just about, is there something worth pouring everything you have into. And, with Moon Knight, that was very much about that. It's creating a structure so that every morning when the alarm went off, I couldn't wait to get to the set because I wanted to try something different."

Marc Spector prepares to attack Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight episode 6

Yes, we'll take another season (or a film) starring Moon Knight. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Clearly, Isaac is keen to don Moon Knight's iconic suit once more – we just don't know in what guise that'll be. The most obvious thing for Marvel to do is greenlight a second season. But, as we mentioned, there's also the prospect of a Moon Knight solo movie or even an Avengers-style team-up superhero film. After all, Moon Knight deals with the supernatural side of the MCU, so an alliance with other notable characters, such as Doctor Strange and Blade, aren't off the table. Midnight Sons movie team-up, anyone?

For his part, Isaac is open to that idea. He stated as much ahead of Moon Knight's arrival on Disney Plus, plus Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis previously told TechRadar that the character could "pop up" anywhere across the MCU. Seven months on from Moon Knight's live-action debut, Isaac's stance on a Midnight Sons crossover hasn't changed, though he doubled down on his 'story first' approach when asked if such a team up would happen.

"Whether that's in a group thing or maybe a great idea comes around for a season two or if it's a standalone film or whatever it could be," He added. "I think it's just approaching it in that kind of way. It's the story first."

Analysis: Moon Knight's MCU return is inevitable

Moon Knight stares at the camera as he prepares to do battle in Moon Knight episode 6

Moon Knight will be back - we just don't know when. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Full spoilers follow for Moon Knight season 1 follow. Proceed at your own risk.

While Isaac is keen to keep expectations over Moon Knight's return in check, it appears to be a foregone conclusion – at this stage – that he'll be back.

The open-endedness of Moon Knight's season finale suggests there's plenty more to explore from the dissociative identity disorder (DID) affected superhero. After six episodes' worth of teases, fans finally met Steven and Marc's other, more deadly persona – Jake Lockley – in the MCU Phase 4 project. Given Jake's penchant for violence, it would be extremely interesting to see how Moon Knight's three personalities work together (or against one another) in another Moon Knight-starring production. 

Moon Knight's fractious relationship with Khonshu is ripe for further exploration, too. We didn't see much of it in the first season, so diving deeper into that bond/arrangement/call it what you will would make for fascinating viewing.

Then there's Marvel's desire to shift gears and examine the more mystical side of the MCU. The likes of Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and even Eternals started that process off, while Werewolf by Night continued to pull the curtain back on the MCU's supernatural elements. Add in forthcoming Marvel Phase 5 productions, including Blade and Ironheart, which will explore other paranormal and magic-based areas of Marvel's cinematic juggernaut, and the studio is certainly fleshing out the mysterious, occult-ish boundaries of the MCU.

Regardless of whether Moon Knight gets a second season or teams up with Blade and company for a Midnight Sons live-action film, the character's MCU future looks bright. In May, a faux pas by Marvel's social media team suggested a second season was a formality. Although that error was quickly rectified, it implied Moon Knight's MCU future was secure.

Of course, much will depend on where Marvel can fit another Moon Knight project into its packed slate. The studio's Phase 5 TV schedule is already stacked, so Moon Knight might not be able to return until Phase 6. Meanwhile, Isaac's desire to play Moon Knight over the long term could also present a potential problem. Given how much he enjoyed the experience first time around, though, you can bet he'll be back for more.

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