Nintendo Switch Joy-Con work with NES Classic Edition thanks to this adapter

(Image credit: 8Bitdo)

Beleagured by the NES Classic Edition's short cables? Just bought a brand-new Nintendo Switch? You're in luck, as you can now play your retro console with the brand-new machine's controllers using a simple adapter.

8bitdo, peripheral purveyor and lover of retro gaming, has updated its Retro Receiver dongle for the NES Classic Edition to work with the Switch's unique Joy-Con handles, as well as the console's more conventional Pro Controller.

Designed to allow a variety of wireless controllers on Nintendo's shrunk-down classic gaming machine, the Retro Receiver also supports 8bitdo's line of Bluetooth-enabled pads, the Wii U Pro Gamepad, the Wii remote, and even PS3 and PS4 controllers. 

Unlike the original NES Classic Edition gamepad, using the Switch's Joy-Con or Pro Controller on the Retro Receiver also allows for home button functionality - making it so you can switch between games or reload your Suspend Points without having to get up from the couch.

To get your hands on Switch compatibility, you'll need to download the firmware update for the Retro Receiver from 8bitdo's support page. Don't have your own Retro Receiver? 8bitdo sells them through Amazon at $17/£17 (about AU$27) a pop.

Via Polygon

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