This retro game controller will even work with an Apple II

\This retro Apple game controller will even work with an Apple II

Peripheral maker 8Bitdo is taking "old-school" to a logical extreme by making a universal game controller that not only looks like Apple's old logo - down to the neon green leaf covering the charging port - but even works on your ancient Apple II computer.

The company's AP40 controller takes 8Bitdo's line of wireless gamepads and gives it a retro Apple makeover in celebration of the company's 40th anniversary. The controller is compatible with not just PCs, iOS, and Android, but Macs both current and decades obsolete.

The device uses Bluetooth to interface wirelessly with modern machines, but 8Bitdo's controller can also be retrofitted with a special receiver (pictured above, left) that's compatible with the Apple II, allowing age-old classics like Maniac Mansion or Lode Runner to be played in its original state like it's the early 80s' all over again.

8Bitdo also offers dongles that bring wireless controls to classic Nintendo consoles like the NES and SNES, which will also work on the AP40.

Image Credit: 8Bitdo

For more modern, mobile-minded gamers, the company is also developing an adorable miniature Apple II that props up your phone or tablet. However, the stand only comes as a part of a separate, limited edition run of the controller, of which 8Bitdo will only produce 1,976 units (get it?).

If you want to get your hands (or rather, thumbs) on one of these bad boys, you'll have to be patient. The AP40 is being crowdfunding though Kickstarter, with the Hong Kong-based company asking for at least $125,000 HKD (about $16,000/£12,300/AU$21,000) to meet its production goals.

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