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New Samsung Gear VR price: Here's how much it costs

We knew that Samsung Gear VR would get an upgrade this year that would bring a controller similar to the one found on Google Daydream with it. 

But, until now, we didn’t know how much it’d cost us. 

The answer is $129. That will get you the headset and the new controller but, if you just want the controller by itself, it can be purchased separately for $39.

While the hardware inside the headset is the same as last year’s model, the controller promises to make the headset more gamer-friendly. 

To that end, Samsung also promised 20 new games when the controller and headset launch on April 21, and an additional 50 games with controller support in the next few months. 

The new Gear VR will be compatible with multiple mobile phones from the South Korean manufacturer including Galaxy S7, S6 and Galaxy Note 5 – thankfully, the exploding Note 7 is not on the list. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and  Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will also be supported. 

As an added bonus, Samsung is giving away a new Gear VR and controller for free to everyone who pre-orders either of the new phones. 

Not a bad deal if you ask us.