New iPad Air 4 might be pricier than iPad Air 3, but it could bring faster charging

iPad Air 3 next to an iPhone XS
iPad Air 3 next to an iPhone XS (Image credit: Future)

The big September Apple event is nearly upon us, as it's set for September 15, which is tomorrow at the time of writing. We're expecting to see the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4, and we've just heard an intriguing price leak regarding that tablet.

Apple leaker @L0vetodream posted a flurry of leaks regarding the two new devices, and regarding the iPad Air's price, has suggested it will start at '$5X9 X>6'. 

We take that to mean either $569, $579, $589 or $599. That'd be more than the iPad Air 3 which started at $499 / £479 / AU$779, though it's possible the newer tablet will come with a different base storage option.

Note that the tweet doesn't mention the tablet, but the context (the surrounding tweets) make it obvious what it refers to.

A higher price would back up what prior leaks have suggested - that the iPad Air 4 could be more like an 'iPad Pro Lite' than previous entries in the Air line. iPad Airs are typically more mid-ranged Apple tablets, but we've been hearing the new one could have a more premium design, faster USB-C charging, and a snappier chipset, making it sound pretty top-end.

Regarding that charging speed, @L0vetodream also mentioned a new Apple product would have fast charging, a tech Apple hasn't used much in its tablets or wearables - though the device in question could be the Apple Watch.

Take this leak with a pinch of salt, as though @L0vetodream has been prolifically leaking for a while now, all their predictions regard products that haven't come out yet - so we don't know if they're a reliable leaker or not. We'll find out soon though.

A blue Apple Watch

While @L0vetodream's most intriguing leak was about the iPad Air's price, they also posted some things about the new Apple Watch 6 . One of those was the charging speed information, which could refer to either device, and another was about color.

This comes from a tweet simply saying 'new color for Apple Watch'. There's no clue what color this is, though commenters under the tweet seemed to think it could be blue, to match the dark blue shade a recent iPhone leak showed.

The color of a new Apple Watch isn't a huge deal, since Apple Watch straps are a better way of personalizing the device but some may like the choice.

We'll find out soon - the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4 are both expected to launch at tomorrow's event so stay tuned to see if these leaks turn out to be correct.

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