HP's PCs now come with unlimited free Wi-Fi

HP iPass

HP has announced that it has extended its agreement with iPass, which was first introduced in 2014, refreshing the terms and implementing the deal for free Wi-Fi globally.

It means that wherever you travel, you'll be given a free Wi-Fi pass to access millions of iPass hotspots across the world with certain HP laptops, convertibles, tablets and phablets.

And depending on which device you purchase, you'll now get unlimited free Wi-Fi (unlimited data and usage time) for either one, two or up to three years. That's a lot of free Wi-Fi time, potentially, in the latter case.

Going the extra mile

The only caveat is that you have to activate the offer within a year of buying your qualifying machine, signing up to iPass with a one-time registration process. From then on, you get a single sign-on for hooking up to the iPass network, and Last Mile VPN encryption on the security front.

Having a quick look at the coverage checker, iPass Wi-Fi hotspots seem pretty plentiful across the UK, particularly when it comes to major cities of course.

This is also potentially a major bonus for business travellers who will benefit from the extended global coverage and completely unlimited nature of the deal – and across an entire company, HP devices could save a hell of a lot of cash via this scheme. They might even pay for themselves in the long run…

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