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Russia ditches iPads for Samsung tablets amid spying fears

In Soviet Russia, tablet computer chooses you

Russia has abandoned Apple's popular iPad tablet computers over security fears. Nikolai Nikiforov, Russia's telecommunications minister, announced the change at a news conference, according to Business Insider.

The government has selected Samsung tablets instead, which he described as "specially protected devices" that can protect confidential information from government meetings.

He said they went through a strict certification process but didn't mention whether Samsung's Knox security solution was used or not.

The move comes amid growing tension between the West and Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, but Nikiforov denied that his country was punishing US companies like Apple. He said Russia is not proposing any sanctions.


Russia is beefing up security in response to reports of US special services intercepting information. It appears that Russia believes US companies are complicit in these actions, or at least more vulnerable to being exploited by agencies like the NSA.

Apple has denied giving the NSA access to its devices. Nikiforov pointed to South Korean and Chinese firms as being potential replacements for US companies.

Samsung already dominates the smartphone market and has been gaining traction with tablets as well, and this move may not only improve its sales, but highlight its devices to other security-conscious governments as well.