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New iPad 4 with Retina display runs up to $829

iPad 4
Pick your poison

If you're having trouble wrapping your head around all the iDevices announced Tuesday, you're not alone.

Apple came out fast and furious during its press conference earlier, introducing everything from a remodeled iMac to updated Mac minis to a brand new iPad mini.

Among the new devices is a fourth-gen iPad, a.k.a. the iPad 4, complete with Retina display, a super-charged processor and a FaceTime camera on the front.

The iPad 4 comes in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus cellular, and will run on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint's 4G LTE networks here in the States.


Those interested in the new iPad won't want for pricing options with this device - Apple slung out six versions that are priced across the board.

The cheapest model is the 16GB Wi-Fi only version, priced at $499. In the same Wi-Fi vein, the 32GB costs $599 while the 64GB runs at $699.

Add cellular connectivity and the base price jumps considerably.

The 16GB model now does $629 worth of damage, followed by the 32GB at $729 and the 64GB at $829.

By way of comparison, the iPad 2 with just Wi-Fi costs $399 with 16GB of storage, while 16GB Wi-Fi plus cellular model amounts to $529.