Microsoft is hosting a mystery event on May 23 – what will we see?

Two days removed from its Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop #MicrosoftEDU event, Microsoft is ready to do it all over again.

The company just sent out save-the-date notices for a May 23 event in Shanghai. In a blog post, Microsoft wrote: "There is more. We will share what's next on May 23 from Shanghai." There's also a live page where updates, information and other news about the proceedings will (eventually) appear.

Microsoft's official Twitter account sent out word of the event this evening as well: 

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More Surface hardware awaits?

Considering Microsoft revealed new hardware and software aimed at educators and students earlier this week, and its Build 2017 developer conference is next week, one has to wonder, what else could the Windows 10 maker possibly have left to announce?

Apparently, more hardware, according to Windows Central.

Specifics are scare, but the site says it's confirmed we're in for "new hardware news" in Shanghai. There will also be announcements relevant to both "global and regional" audiences. If it's hardware we'll see, this could mean some devices will have worldwide releases while others stay exclusive to China. 

This #MicrosoftEvent is reportedly taking place at 7pm local time, or 4am PT/7am ET/12pm GMT.

One last but crucial tidbit is that Panos Panay, who heads Microsoft's Surface division, is making the trip. He revealed as much with an Instagram post – notice the 'Surface' hashtag:

See you in Shanghai. May 23. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface

A photo posted by @panos_panay on May 4, 2017 at 6:49pm PDT

As to what mystery hardware Microsoft might announce, two candidates are the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2. Since neither was unveiled at Microsoft's May 2 event, the tablet and laptop could be waiting to punch their ticket to Shanghai. 

Another option, though likely not the headliner at an event like this, are more Windows Mixed Reality headsets, such as the Acer Mixed Reality Head-Mounted Display we recently went hands-on with.

A final possibility that's admittedly a slim one is the long-rumored Surface Phone. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed on Tuesday the company is still interested in making phones, but added these may not look like the smartphones we're used to seeing. 

He hinted a new Microsoft handset could emulate the company's approach to 2-in-1s, though we're reading a bit between the lines there. While this is the first official word we've heard about Microsoft's mobile ambitions in quite some time, we're probably still a ways out from meeting the Surface Phone.

Whatever Microsoft has planned for May 23, tune in to TechRadar as we bring you all the latest. Oh, and tune in next week, too, when we'll be on the ground in Seattle at Build 2017.

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