LG plans to launch IoT-based smart ceiling fans in India this season

LG Electronics India plans to foray into premium ceiling fans segment this season. A top official from LG has told PTI, that the company will be launching IoT-based smart fans in India soon.

The smart fan will bring along features like adaptive speed control and cloud controls, as it will be constantly connected with the internet. The adaptive speed control will allow the fan to adjust according to the change in temperature, and the cloud control will give users access to the fans from any part of the world. 

"This year we are preparing to launch ceiling fan," LG Electronics India Managing Director Ki Wan Kim told PTI. The fans, which are made specially for the Indian market would focus on "energy efficiency" and "aesthetics designs" and would have higher value propositions, he added.

"It would have IoT technology in some premium products, which would adjust speed automatically," Kim said, adding that it would be convenient to maintain. "It would have removable parts, which will be easy to clean and wash after dismantling it," he explained. 

For those who do not know, IoT refers to a network of devices and sensors that are constantly connected to each other through the internet. 

LG has not dropped any hint on pricing, but what we know so far is that the company plans to launch three models, and one of them will have IoT features. 

LG in India plans to increase the number of IoT-based appliances in different segments, depending on the demand. 

"Of course, we would do one by one and model by model," Kim told PTI, adding that IoT based appliances have "huge potential" here.

Besides, the company is also hoping to produce energy-efficient products by extending energy-saving inverter technology to other products like washing machines and refrigerators.

Sudhanshu Singh

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