Lenovo M10 Plus tablet deals offer up excellent storage in a Samsung Galaxy-beating offer

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Lenovo tablet deals regularly offer an alternative to Samsung's affordable Galaxy Tab A offerings. However, this week they're taking an even bigger lead, with the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus offering a massive 128GB of storage space for just £149.99 down from £179.99

That's an excellent price considering Samsung's models start at these prices with just 32GB under the hood. You're also doubling your RAM to 4GB with Lenovo's device, grabbing a slightly larger 10.3-inch screen (Samsung's Tab A maxes out at 10.1-inches) and an extra microphone for crystal clear video calls as well. 

Availability is also on Lenovo's side here, with Samsung Galaxy Tab A deals on the WiFi 10-inch model running a little low in stock right now. So, if you're after a cheap tablet with plenty of space and even extra functionality courtesy of the charging dock, you'll want to check out the offers below. 

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Today's best Lenovo tablet deals


Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (128GB): <a href="https://lenovo.7eer.net/c/221109/216346/3766?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lenovo.com%2Fgb%2Fen%2Ftablets%2Fandroid-tablets%2Flenovo-tab-series%2FLenovo-TB-X606%2Fp%2FZA5V0238GB" data-link-merchant="lenovo.com"">£179.99 £149.99 at Lenovo
Save £30 on the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus this week at Lenovo direct. There's an impressive 128GB of storage space in here - excellent value for such a cheap tablet - as well as 4GB RAM, a MediaTek Helio P22T processor and a year warranty as well.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (64GB) | Smart Charging Station: £229.99 £199.99 at Lenovo

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (64GB) | Smart Charging Station: <a href="https://lenovo.7eer.net/c/221109/216346/3766?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lenovo.com%2Fgb%2Fen%2Ftablets%2Fandroid-tablets%2Flenovo-tab-series%2FLenovo-TB-X606Smart-Tab%2Fp%2FZZITZTMST0X" data-link-merchant="lenovo.com"">£229.99 £199.99 at Lenovo
You can drop down to 64GB of storage and pick up a smart charging station for £199.99 this week as well. That extra accessory both charges your device and instantly turns it into a large smart display as well. You'll find the 128GB model available in this <a href="https://lenovo.7eer.net/c/221109/216346/3766?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lenovo.com%2Fgb%2Fen%2Ftablets%2Fandroid-tablets%2Flenovo-tab-series%2FLenovo-TB-X606Smart-Tab%2Fp%2FZZITZTMST0X" data-link-merchant="lenovo.com"" data-link-merchant="lenovo.com"">bundle for £229.99.

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