Is this the best price on the Echo Show until Amazon Prime Day?

Echo Show on Amazon Prime Day

Today, Amazon dropped the price of the Echo Show, one of only two screen-equipped Alexa smart speakers (the other being the Echo Spot), by $70 to $159.99. While not that long ago Amazon put the Show on sale for $10 less, this is very likely the last time we'll see it for a price this low until Amazon Prime Day, set to take place next month. So if you can't wait until then, you'll want to take advantage of this price ASAP as there's no telling how long it will be this cheap. Otherwise, you can wait and see if it is indeed discounted for Prime Day.

Amazon Echo Show for $159.99 at Amazon
Amazon has discounted its screen-equipped Echo Show speaker by 30% today for a savings of $70. For this deal, it has cut the price from $229.99 to $159.99, which according to Camelcamelcamel, is the second lowest price Amazon has ever had for the Echo Show. As such, it is unlikely that we will see this smart speaker priced this low again until Amazon Prime Day. View Deal

Released last year, the Echo Show, as its name suggests, is the first of Amazon's Alexa-equipped Echo smart speakers to feature a 7-inch touchscreen, as well as a 5-megapixel camera. This allows you to utilize Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in new and exciting ways and to access visual content via your voice commands. For example, you have the option of reading news stories instead of having them read to you or you can see demonstrations while preparing a recipe. It also allows you to make video calls. Additionally, it is integrated with Amazon Video, making it possible for you to access all your content via Alexa.

With these capabilities, the Echo Show is perhaps the most advanced of Amazon's Echo speaker line and ahead of its time in general. 

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