The best Amazon Prime Day deal is completely boring, but worth it

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Now halfway through, Amazon Prime Day has offered deals on popular items like Fitbit, Bose headphones and of course Kindle tablets and accessories. The rest may bore you or be sold out in a flash.

There's almost a desire to extend this Amazon's 20th anniversary celebration for another day, and that's what you can do with the best Amazon Prime Day deal we found.

Gift cards are netting buyers a $10 bonus today, and only select quantities are still available. In fact, all of the lower denominations are sold out.

Ranging from $100 to $500, these gift cards can get expensive at the higher end. But, if you're going to spend that kind of cash on Amazon in the next month anyway, this is $10 on the house.

Rules and restrictions apply

Each promotional credit remains $10, so warning: spending five times as much on the most expensive gift card doesn't multiple that promotional credit by five.

This Amazon Prime Day gift card deal is available only today and buyers must first click the "Click to apply promo code" button to initiate the deal.

There are other Prime Day deals with fewer steps and restrictions, but they're quickly selling out. You can follow them at our Amazon Prime Day US page.