Samsung launches connected TV app store

Samsung announces connected app store concept at CES this week

Apple's app store concept is certainly taking hold in other areas of the consumer electronics industry, with TV manufacturer Samsung announcing a centralised app store for its various mobile phones, TVs and other consumer tech devices.

You can check out how the new mega app store is going to work when it launches later this spring over at

The new fridge magnets

The downside is of course that you will have to only own Samsung devices (or 'live the Samsung lifestyle' or whatever other embarrassing marketing slogan they decide to brand it with) in order to get the best use out of it. Despite that, we have to admit that it is a canny idea – being able to use the same app on your phone, your TV and, potentially, your fridge in the kitchen!

Samsung Apps is basically a major expansion of Sammy's Internet@TV service which was launched for its range of online HDTVs in 2009.

Watch out for the first free apps later this spring and then the paid-for premium apps later in the summer.

For more head over to the Samsung Apps website.