Huawei Mate 10 Pro: AI and Instagram photography

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s camera has excellent specs on paper. Two 12-megapixel sensors with f/1.6 lenses - that’s class-leading! But specs are only part of the story. Thanks to the new Kirin 970 processor, aka, the phone’s brain, the Mate 10 Pro can recognise a scene, optimise colors, focus and overall appearance and make your photos Instagram ready before a single filter is applied.

How does it work? Smart scene recognition!

When you come to take a picture on the Mate 10 Pro, you’ll notice the scene icon in the bottom of your screen change depending on what you’re focusing on.

As it looks at your subject, the Mate 10 Pro gets smarter than your average flagship smartphone, identifying exactly what you’re taking a picture of and optimising your photos accordingly.

The specificity here is unprecedented. Point your phone at a dog, a dog icon appears and the saturation and contrast is optimised so your dogs looks its most adorable.

Pan across to a cat and this same system tweaks the settings using AI, so the nuances that make a cat look like an Instagram worthy, sassy kitty, pop perfectly.

This AI scene recognition isn’t limited to animals. Taking some pictures in a forest? Shooting flower shots? Scanning text? The Mate 10 Pro will create stunning foliage, vibrant petals and easy to read text, editing the images like a professional, so you can spend less time filtering and more time enjoying the moment.

Background defocus dream come true

If you’re a fan of adding a linear or circular blur to your Instagram pictures to add depth, the Mate 10 Pro will be your background defocus dream come true.

Using its dual-lenses and incredible AI smarts, the phone can understand depth in any given scene, thereby blurring out your background to create impactful shots.

So while Instagram offers a generic effect, the Mate 10 Pro’s bespoke blur makes shots taken on it look like they were taken on a DSLR. 

Think we’re done? Not even close!

After you take your picture, the perspective information is stored in your Mate 10 Pro’s ample 128GB of storage, so you can swap out focus between the foreground and background, or even have everything be in pin-sharp focus for maximum clarity across your image.

More into your selfies? The Mate 10 Pro’s portrait mode enables a similar background blur effect when taking pictures of yourself too. Thanks to its wide angle lens, it gets all your friends in frame for group shots and can even apply beauty effects to multiple faces, so you can all look your best in every post.

Light painting

AI doesn’t just help your Instagram shots look incredible in automatic mode. Advanced photography features within the Mate 10 Pro open up a dreamy world of light painting to first-time photographers and professionals alike.

Streaked tail-lights, waterfalls or whatever else you’re pointing your camera at can look out of this world thanks to this classic technique. But without a little help from AI, it’s all too easy to over-expose areas of your image or just end up with a dark, blurry blob.

Thankfully, the Huawei mate 10 Pro has the intelligence to be the brains of the operation. Not only does it pick the perfect length of time for your light trail to flourish, it also composites multiple shots to reduce exposure in bright areas, something even top-end DSLRs don’t do.

The results? Ethereal pictures that will wow and excite your followers and make citiescapes, waterfalls and bonfire night snaps look like the works of a master.

Instagram your travels with the help of your own, personal translator

Huawei didn’t just pioneer AI photography so that your pictures could pop. Thanks to the Kirin 970’s AI Neural Processing Unit, the Mate 10 Pro can double-up as a translator in your pocket.

Point your camera at text using the translator app, optimised for AI in partnership with Microsoft, and it can translate text, so you know exactly how to caption and hashtag that Instagram post of a famous monument, menu or street sign.

What differentiates this service from other translating apps is that it does it all without an internet connection, making it a perfect travel companion for those times when you don’t have mobile data, or want to save your megabytes for your Instagram upload.

The ultimate Instagram camera

So whether you’re taking a quick snap, a composed light-painting, blurring out your background or swapping it out altogether, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s AI powered camera is an Instagrammer’s best friend.